Influence Your Customers with Social Media Marketing

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Are you a business owner looking to increase your sales and word of mouth referrals? Do you want to stop wasting money on traditional advertising tools that don’t work for you? Are you ready to leverage one-to-one connections to build your reputation and convert more sales faster? We’d like to show you how you can do all this — and more — though social media marketing.

The Social Influence Academy specializes in helping businesses grow using various Social Media Marketing tools. The Academy is represented by a faculty of top social and digital marketing experts who understand how to leverage the power of online tools to more effectively market business and create new sales opportunities. Are you ready to Build Your Business With Social Media Marketing? Then consider taking one of our dynamic training and education programs.

In a recent survey, 82 percent of small and medium businesses in North America indicated they believe word of mouth marketing is the best way to drive new business opportunities, compared with 37 percent counting advertising as an essential marketing tool. That makes sense since Neilson Research showed only 14 percent of people trust ads.

We have come to the point where it no longer matters what you say about your brand – it only matters what your customers say. From email to blogs to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media services, we have changed how we connect with customers, partners and new prospects.

But how do you get people talking about your business? And how can you turn that into effective marketing that generates new sales opportunities? Social Influence Academy can help! Take one of our social media marketing seminars and advanced workshops and learn how to leverage conversational marketing to grow your organization.

Hear from some past attendees, click on the videos below: